We are available for equipment hire throughout the year.

If you are looking for extra tables or chairs we can supply whatever you need. Chairs, tables, dance floor, fairy lights, garden furniture, BBQ covers, chair covers, flooring and much more!

All equipment is delivered and collected, assembled and dismantled at a time convenient to you.

We have the knowledge and resources to transform your office, warehouse, garage, garden shed, out building or conservatory into a glamorous venue for your required function. Due to the varied sizes of interior linings we hold in stock and various lighting effects we can accommodate all types of requirements and create a completely new and fresh space.

The weather may never need be a problem we supply complete heating systems.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information, prices and to arrange delivery.

Below is a rough guide for the size or marquee you will need according to the amount of guests you intend to be present.
Please bear in mind that these are not the only marquees we have available and that we have a whole host of marquees that can be tailored to your requirements.

Number of guests

Size of Marquee (m)

Size of Marquee (Ft)

X 50

9m x 12m

30ft x 40ft

X 70

9m x 15m

30ft x 50ft

X 100

9m x 18m

30ft x 60ft

X 120

9m x 21m

30ft x 70ft

X 150

12m x 18m

60ft x 40ft

X 175

12m x 21m

70ft x 40ft

X 200

12m x 24m

80ft x 40ft

X 230

12m x 27m

90ft x 40ft